Lake Manchester Upgrade
Design and Construction wall and spillway upgrade


What we do:

Project Management for
Infrastructure using
Innovative Procurement and
Construction Methodologies
Australia Sectors
  • Water and waster water infrastructure
  • Heavy industrial
  • Defence Industry
  • Telecommunications
Papua New Guinea Sectors
  • MIning Infrastructure
  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure
  • Highway and Bridge infrastructure
  • Economic Infrastructure
Afghanistan Sectors
  • UNDP
  • Logistic support international forces
  • Infrastructure
  • Restoration programs
Project Planning Phase
  • Opportunity and Risk assessment.
  • Concept design.
  • Feasibility assessment.
  • Project Design.
  • Commerial modelling.
  • Industry Briefings.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Request for Tender.
  • Tender assessment and recommendation.
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • Execution of contract documents.
Project Construction Phase
  • Project Management.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Contract Superintendence.
  • Progress certification and records.
  • Performance reviews.
  • Variation negotiations.
  • Dispute management and resolutions.
  • Integration plans.
  • Relationship management.
  • Subcontractor approval.
  • Testing and acceptance.
  • Warranties.
Project Operations Phase
  • Operations manuals.
  • Training and handover.
  • Maintenance inspection and remedial works punch lists.
  • Management of securities.
  • Final Payments.
  • acceptance of As build diagrams.
  • Hand over.
  • Project close out.
Hard Dollar Contract Experience
  • AS 2124
  • AS 4300
  • AS 4902
  • Public Works Contracts
  • Consultancy agreements.
  • Defence Minor Works and Medium works contracts
  • Managing Contractor Contracts
  • GC 21Construct only Contract
  • GC 21 2Edition Design and Contruct Contract
Soft Dollar Contract Experience
  • Alliance Contracts.
  • Commercial Alliance Contracts.
  • Modified Commercial Alliance Contracts.
  • Strategic Partnering Contact
  • No Scope No value Portfolio Management Partnership.
Relationship Contracts:
  • GC 21 Contruct only Contract General Conditions of Contract.
  • GC 21 2nd Edition Design and Construct General Conditions of Contract.
  • No Scope No Value Portfolio Managemetn Partnership.
  • Alliance Contract.
  • Commercial Alliance Contract
  • Modified Commercial Alliance Contract.
  • Defence suite of contracts prepared by DEQMS. 
  • The development of a Strategic Partnership model based on my “Method of Procurement” an innovative procurement model applying a No Scope No Value delivery model registered as a patent in America, Europe, Asian, Australia and New Zealand. A link to the US patent is:
  • Hard Dollar to Soft Dollar Contract Conversions.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution.